Wide Variety of Products


The oceans present us with a variety of delicacies that are also healthy. Seafood varieties ranges from fish like tuna, yellowtail and sardine to oyster, clam, lobster, avalone and shrimp. Refrigerated and fast supply chain ensures that supermarkets and online vendors are able to provide fresh fish and any of the seafood variety.


Regardless of where you live, fresh seafood can now be delivered to you overnight. Quality Fresh Seafood is a great source for live lobster, shrimp, shellfish or any fresh fish filets. Even though items like shrimp do not fair well once they are removed from the ocean, thanks to them being cooked right away and then flash frozen, you can still enjoy them.


All Mexican pork found in retail stores is either USDA inspected for wholesomeness or inspected by state systems which have standards equal to the federal government. Each animal and its internal organs are inspected for signs of disease. The "Passed and Inspected by USDA" seal insures the pork is wholesome and free from disease.


Substantial numbers of cattle are imported into the United States from
Mexico, as the United States has the comparative advantage in feeding cattle. Mexican cattle raised for export represent, on average, over half of total U.S. cattle imports. From 1989 to 2010, these imports averaged over 1 million head annually.


Mexico is blessed with an abundance of the best quality fresh vegetables and tropical fruits, it’s easy to enjoy the impressive variety of crops native to Mexico, especially when they include stars like avocado, tomato and mango amongst others. In fact, sixty percent of Mexico’s agricultural exports are designated for the United States..

Certified Facilities


certified facilities for the u.S. market

The program is the competent authority within the U.S. Government for issuance of health certificates for export of fish and fishery products to foreign countries.


china & the european comnunity

China and Europe are the world's biggest importers of fish, seafood and aquaculture products. Import rules are harmonised, meaning that the same rules apply in all EU countries.

Environment Responsible

our obligation to the environment

reduce, reuse and recycle

We recognise our responsibilit, and respect the environment. We strive to achieve environmental best practice throughout our business. It is our policy to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment by pursuing good business practices and meeting our legal obligations. We ensure we reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.